USA based Goji farming enterprise seeks investors to expand and franchise its proprietary products

The leading agricultural and marketing operation

Company is the leading agricultural and marketing operation in the United States for Goji fruit, actively expanding its farmland in Washington and Oregon states.

Company has a proven market acceptance with its signature performance beverage. It retains vendor status with Whole Foods Market & Amazon along with several high-end grocery stores in the Bay Area region (California).

‘Urban’ greenhouse-system

In addition to its farming produce, company has developed a storefront franchise concept, using a superior “urban” greenhouse-system. The greenhouse-system enables to showcase Goji farming and sell and serve agricultural products onsite, as highly nutritious frozen yogurts, through dispensing machines.


Proprietary high value produce

Company aims to create and expand upon the proprietary wellness products and connecting other high value fruits and vegetables as fresh-frozen mixes. This will bring additional profitability to the company as well as to the farmers of ‘other’ highly accessible agricultural foods. All products will be retailed and branded globally under company’s name.

Expansion of farming operations

Company seeks investors to expand farming operations into Africa, for distribution throughout Europe. The expansion in Africa is a great value in the ability to produce agricultural products during opposing seasonal production cycles.

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