Successful European Creative Studio seeks co investors for a global sitcom and an animation feature film

European Creative Studio

This company – with proven track record – has its offices in The Netherlands and California (LA, Hollywood) – and is looking for co-investors for its intented sitcom and animation feature film. Both intended production provide multilevel opportunities (such as a spin-out to music productions as well as longlasting merchandising opportunities. 

Future large funders (10M+) have been identified, contacted and interested

Company already identified, contacted and interested future large funders. 

For the continuation of full creative control however, company seeks 1 or 2 informal investors to bring the intended productions to the next stage (‘sizzle reel’) 

Proven track record

Its proven track record contains numerous music productions including musicals, as well as TV series (e.g. for Nickelodeon). Company has received several awards.  

Two figure multiplier return on investment

Company expects to offer these informal (co-)investors a two figure multiplier of their original investment as a return. 

And therefore has mandated DNA to find interested investors to be invited to an exclusive, vivid and inspiring introduction. 

Interested? Please contact us