Shareholders seek to sell their shares to a global industry corporation

Engineered to perfection

Company has engineered its products to perfection. Large global companies are piloting and implementing its products for several years now, reporting significant improvement on a serious number of financial and sustainability objectives. 

Company has acquired proven results in the marine sector, water management, energy sector, steel industry, mining sector, oil and gas industry, paper industry, food processing industry, air treatment industry, (petro)chemical industry and the list goes on. 

A steady growth, with a necessity to disrupt

Shareholders have witnessed this company’s steady growth over the years. However they now feel the need for the company to be acquired by a global industry leader. It is time to disrupt the market, but company as a stand alone  is neither powerful nor global enough. 

A global industry player is sought, one willing to add a significant money maker to its total offering in several global billion euro markets. 


Double figures CO2 targets are achieved, while reducing costs and increasing safety

Company’s offering is truly revolutionary in energy saving and CO2 output reduction. It’s offering decreases total cost of ownership, including maintenance costs and increases labor safety in aforementioned industries. 

Shares to be acquired by global industry player

A group of shareholders (up to a majority stake) expressed their wish to sell their shares in the current company (holding all the IP, patents and engineering). Discretion is offered and required. 

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