NL based lighting design company (globally licensed characters) invites co investor to join

Designed in The Netherlands, manufactured in China

All current products are sold globally and in compliance with European,
North American, Korean and Japanese regulatory and safety requirements.

Increasing global demand from retail customers (online and offline)

The licensed characters are well-known worldwide and convey high quality, therefor allow for offline retail as well as online retail. 

The business model requires a relatively high cash investment at the start of new models/prodcts, but generates great demand once it is launched on the international market. 

“70-year anniversary lamp” (licensed character)

Company – next to its current collection – aspires to develop and release two new lighting products in 2019, including a “70-year anniversary lamp”. 

Shareholders are looking for a co investor

The current shareholders have invested substantially in the first market entry and early growth of the company. They are now inviting a co-investor to provide an additional 200K Euro working capital.

Interested? Please contact us