High efficiency water/liquid treatment company - superior cyclone technology – seeks growth investor

Technical background

A cyclone is a static separation device with no moving parts, meant to separate water / liquids / other material, in a very energy efficient manner. Company’s cyclones are well balanced to keep a stable flow and ensure high separation efficiency and a low pressure drop.

Scaling up

Company’s solutions can be applied in general water treatment, de-oiling, produced water treatment and custom made requests (fines; droplets; bubble removal). Its applications have been tested (e.g. by major oil-companies; national/international) and show excellent results.

Company’s competitive advantage

Though the principle of cyclones for water treatment (e.g. de-oiling) dates back decades, new insights in fluid dynamics, cyclone-design and manufacturing-techniques enable this company to achieve superior results in terms of separation-performance and (low) energy-consumption.

Even compared to state of the art cyclone-systems, this company’s solutions achieve higher throughput, higher separation efficiency, significantly lower energy consumption (e.g. required pumping capacity) as well as lower internal shear and mixing

Growth investor

Now that its technology is ready to be implemented and distributed on a large and international scale, company seeks a growth investor. Minimum participations is 150K Euro

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